Plastic-coated placemats for kitchen tables in 1:12 scale


Plastic-coated placemats for miniature kitchen or dining table, 1:12 scale.

Printed on thick cardboard and laminated, personalized with new designs inspired by the characters of "Sarah Kay".

Size: 4 cm. x 2.5 cm.

The price refers to all four types of placemats.

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Table placemats in perfect proportions in 1:12 scale.

They are made particularly realistic thanks to the printing on very thick cardboard and opaque lamination which gives them the typical characteristic of this kind of article. Personalized with four different types of designs inspired by the well-known characters of "Sarah Kay".

They will be particularly useful for decorating your dollhouses or roomboxes in shabby chic or country chic style and giving a touch of joy and color.

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4 cm. x 2,5 cm.