Miniature wallpaper, scale 1:12 and 1:24


Miniature wallpaper, 1:12 or 1:24 scale to choose from according to your preferences.

Made on 120gr cellulose paper. and anti-pulp to allow appropriate use for application and processing in decorating surfaces.

Always sharp patterns printed in very high resolution and delicate colors. Water resistant printing inks.

You can choose between two types of coloring, LIGHT BLUE or PINK.

Available in the variant in adhesive PVC which allows a faster and easier application.

Both solutions, paper or pvc, are available in the following sizes: 30x20 cm. - 30x40 cm.

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Wallpaper for dollhouse decoration or roombox.

Excellent work quality is guaranteed thanks to a selected anti-pulp paper for this product created specifically for decoupage or glue application.

The inks used for the personalization and the creation of the patterns of this wallpaper are water resistant thus guaranteeing an always impeccable work and without loss of hue and sharpness after processing and application.

In addition to the classic paper, as a type of material, it is also possible to purchase the version of the same in adhesive pvc.

Also in a material selected for application in all the foreseen surfaces and printed with water resistant inks.

Thanks to the fact that it is already self-adhesive, it does not require any type of working with glues thus guaranteeing a more comfortable processing and a more precise and clean final result.

Available in three comfortable formats from the classic and typical A4 (20 x 30 cm.) To the maxi format 30x40 cm. for processing even large and difficult environments.

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20x30 cm.
40x30 cm.