Miniature baby cot, scale 1:12


Miniature baby cot painted and worked in "shabby chic" style.

With "Peter Rabbit" personalized print on the inside and outside.

The complete set also includes:

• Mattress

• Set of sheet and pillow

• Padded bumper and finished with delicate lace.

Size: Width 6.5 cm. Length 12 cm. Height 10 cm.

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Miniature baby cot complete with accessories finely decorated in "shabby chic" style.

It is a high quality handmade accessory that enhances the child's room in your dollhouse.

Its delicate colors combined with the linen set and its original bumper finely finished with precious lace, makes the cradle a truly precious and unique element.


Data sheet

Width 6.5 cm. Length 12 cm. Height 10 cm.

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