PDF file download of miniature boxes kit, scale 1:12


Downloadable PDF files (Acrobat Reader).

The file contains the high resolution scheme made up of kits in three sizes of cardboard boxes with the graphic theme "Peter Rabbit"..

The sizes of the finished boxes are: 3,3 x 2,6 cm. - 3 x 2,3 cm. - 2,6 x 2 cm.


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Digital files in very high resolution and widely detailed through a scheme that facilitates their use and helps assembly.

It is recommended to use some precautions related to the use of the paper type and printer settings to obtain an optimal result:

• For a better yield and consistency, use white cardboard weighing 250gr. or 300gr.

• The printer must be in excellent condition and the head clean and functional without streaks.

   The print settings must be adjusted in high resolution with "matte" or "glossy" thick materials.

Obviously the indications refer to the majority of printers found on the market. For details and individual specifications, however, you must refer to the technical guide of your printer.

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