I have always loved very small objects, since I was a child I imagined creating something small and beautiful to play with.

Even dolls and their world have always been my passion. So continuing over the years to take an interest in the miniatures and dollhouses sector, I came across a "pinterest" site that was new to me, I discovered them this wonderful world in which I immersed myself in amazement and with a mind full of wonderful ideas.

One day to give substance to my passion and hobby I opened my first shop on "ETSY", a famous online sales channel for handmade objects and collectibles in general. I did not imagine that this passion of mine would also become my job, nor to receive as much acclaim as it actually was. I am very happy about this. I am thrilled when my customers thank me for the attention and care I put into creating the miniatures they purchased and show me the photos with the exhibits clearly visible in their dollhouses.

I am always looking for new articles and original and precious material for the finishing of my products so as to improve their quality, for this reason I gladly accept the suggestions and advice of my customers.

Now that the articles have become more numerous over time, and also the customers, I thought of launching myself into this new project with a website of my own and giving space to the ever wider range of products and services that characterize my business, thus creating an extra channel for my numerous customers so as to give an increasingly involving and complete browsing experience.

You who pass by here are welcome!